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Azaleic Illuminating Treatment - Serum

Azelaic Illuminating Treatment is a unique pigment illuminating serum that supports
a natural balancing of skin tone. An intensive blend of Arbutin, Kojic, Salicylic, Azelaic and Fruit Acids synergistically
clarify and illuminate areas of unbalanced clarity. Super anti-oxidant Ferulic Acid and peptide stabilized Vitamin C resist
free radicals while boosting collagen synthesis.

Azapure 10% Clarifying Creme

Azapure 10% Clarifying Creme offers a synergistic blend of natural source balancing
agents and advanced skin conditioners which aid in the clarity and radiance of acne-prone or uneven skin. Niacinamide
(Vitamin B3), Azelaic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Alpha Arbutin nourish and fortify while diminishing the
external appearance of unbalanced skin. The unique texture and marine origin of this creme aids in the absorbtion of
excess oil, replenishment of minerals and vital nutrients, resulting in a radiant matte finish.

Active RX Toner

Active Rx Toner freshens and tones skin after cleansing by providing a balance of
moisture that hydrates and revitalizes skin structure. Infused with antioxidants and nourishing fruit oils, this daily use
tonic restores skin to an ideal pH. Skin texture soothes and smoothes even the driest skin.

Banana Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliate

A deliciously rich, creamy, enzymatic exfoliant that effectively dissolves dead skin
cells without manual scrubbing. Banana, rich in minerals and anti-oxidants, helps to soften skin and maintain an
optimum moisture level. Pineapple and Papaya enzymes carefully remove unwanted surface debris revealing a
glowing complexion. Non-abrasive, yet highly effective, each treatment will leave your skin feeling brighter and
softer to the touch. Ideal for sensitive, reactive skin types or for those who desire additional hydration.

02 Restoring Creme

Restoring Crème is an DNA infused luxuriously rich hydrating crème that contains
hydrolyzed RNA/DNA, CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, and natural source anti oxidants that encourage moisture retention
and elasticity. Ideally suited to those who experience dehydration or lack of vibrancy caused by aging, environmental
factors or dry skin. Revitalizing botanicals and a rich emollient base visibly improve moisture levels making this
crème excellent for day or nighttime use.

Botanical Eye Makeup Remover

This gentle, non-solvent makeup remover is suitable for all skin types. A purified
Spring Water base is pH balanced to avoid sensitivity and irritation. Calming botanical extracts of Organic Cucumber,
Eyebright, Comfrey and Chamomile — delicately soothe while gently removing makeup and surface debris without

Cascading Anti-oxidant serum+

This serum is a high potency multi-C cocktail that drenches skin in an infusion of
powerful anti-oxidants. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and high ORAC scoring Kakadu Plum, Phloretin, Astaxanthin,
Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E offer advanced protection from photo-aging and dermal instability caused by free radical

Elastin Cellular Fortifying Creme

A 4-in-1 solution for devitalized skin, Elastin Cellular Fortifying Creme preserves
and protects skin’s youthful appearance by providing protection, repair and refinement. Actives target enzymes that
regulate the aging process, protecting skin with anti-elastase properties as well as fighting against the degradation of
the elastic fiber network found within the skin. Elastin production is significantly boosted protecting skin from glycation
(rigidification and loss of vitality). Vit-a-LikeTM, a powerful exfoliant found to be more effective than traditional retinol,
accelerates epidermal turnover significantly stimulating growth factors and fibroblast collagen synthesis, resulting in
a recognizable anti-aging effect on the skin.

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