LED LIght Therapy

Developed by NASA this FDA approved, non-invasive treatment is for those who want boosted results. Our esthetician will evaluate the best options to target the specific outcome you are looking for. These treatments can be stand alone or included in all our facials.

Blue Light:  Acne Red Light:  Rejuvenating- collagen & elastin

Green Light: Age spots      Yellow Light:  Sensitive, red skin appearance.

Copy Of -LED LIght Therapy

Pressurized oxygen infuses customized serums into the skin. This facial creates luminous, deep hydration appropriate for all skin types including sensitive. The serums contain Low weight Hyaluronic acid (the skin's natural hydration) essential vitamins, botanical s, antioxidants and peptides creating an instant visible, deep hydrating result, critical for our Montana weather.

With just one treatment you will see instant results.

Qi Beauty Facial

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