S k i n  C a r e  a t  O Z s s a g e  S p a 

We have a variety of facials for everyone, all our facials include deep cleansing, masks, extraction, professional serums, moisturizers, relaxing facial massage techniques, lip & décolleté care. 


LED - LIght Therapy         

Non-invasive treatment for those who want boosted results, our Esthetician will evaluate the best color options to target the outcome you are looking for. These treatments can be stand alone or included in all our facials. LED enhances the outcome of all facials, even just the one treatment, although for those that would like us to help you with a skincare plan we recommend the LED packages. 

Blue Light; Acne      Red Light; Rejuvernating- collagen & elastin     Green Light: Age spots     Yellow Light; Sensative, red skin appearance.

LED  Therapy                                                    30 minutes $75                  Yum Facial   60 minutes $120      Oxygen Facial  60 min  $170  

LED Packages                                                  3 x 30 minute  $210                6 x 30 minute   $410

YUM Organic Skin Care                                   30 minutes   $55                  60 minutes   $100           

Teen Facial                                                        30 minutes   $55                60 minutes   $100             

Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facials         - see video below  

Rejuvenate                                                                                         60 minutes   $150     

Booster: Choose from  Vit C, Vit A, Anti-Oxidants or Collagen          60 minutes    $160      

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