Qi Beauty Facial


*QI BEAUTY FACIAL            60 minutes $165         2 Hours $300: includes Shiatsu Massage  

Founded in Australia in 2006, Qi beauty is a facial rejuvenation system utilizing a combination of skincare products and treatments that utilize very small magnets. The process activates and maintains healthy, radiant skin.

You will notice an improvement in your skin but you will feel re- balanced and relaxed. Jacquie will assess your skin, cleanse, exfoliate then design a personalized face matrix, on key meridians, using micro-magnets specifically designed for skin pH compatibility, activating Qi which in turn assists the natural anti-aging compounds, balancing deficiencies and improving the skin.

*Please book ahead for this facial as Jacquie is the only one certified in this treatment.


The Qi facial is like no other facial I have ever experienced. During the facial I received massage techniques on the feet and neck area. Jacquie then applied the Qi magnets to my face which drifted me off to complete relaxation. After the Qi facial I felt completely refreshed. My skin was glowing! Personally I noticed a huge difference in my lip line being plump, my breakouts being less inflamed, and my whole body feeling ready to conquer anything. The results of this facial lasted longer than any regular facial results I have had. This would be a perfect treatment for any and all occasions.

-Cayla French