Employment Opportunities at OZssage Spa, Big Sky.

OPEN POSITIONS THIS WINTER - we will help with accomadation if wanting to live in Big Sky 

 - FULL AND PART TIME MASSAGE THERAPISTS- please fill out application no phone calls please

-  FULL TIME OR PART TIME DESK POSITION  -  please fill out application no phone calls please

- POSSIBLE ESTHETIAN ON SATURDAYS - -  please fill out application no phone calls please

OZssage Therapeutic Spa offers the following positions. Please note we are in a resort town so you will be required to work holidays and some weekends. If you are interested in working at OZssage Therapeutic Spa please feel free to fill in an application. We will be back incontact regarding any positions that may become available.


Massage Therapists

  • Year round 3- 5 days a week

  • Seasonal 2- 5 days

  • Guest Therapists  - you let us know in high season when you would like to pick up extra work


  • Year round 2 - 3  days a week

  • Seasonal 2- 3 days

Desk Position

  • 5 days a week seasonal

  • 4 - 5 days a week year round

  • 2 days a week seasonal


Please fill in application