I n t e g r a t e d  M a s s a g e T e c h n i q u e s 

All of our professional therapists use integrated techniques. At the beginning of each session we evaluate your specific needs, assess the areas that need more attention & inquire about your preferred pressure.   

Integrated Massage

Integrated techniques are focused on your needs that day and your preferred pressure.

30 min $50        60 min $95         75 min $120       90 min $140     2 hours  $190   

Relaxation Massage

Our therapists use relaxing massage techniques focusing on the client’s quite time to relax and unwind. Long smooth gliding strokes and deeply relaxing pressure is used to relieve the body’s muscle tension and underlying ailments.

30 min $50        60 min $95         75 min $120       90 min $140

Maternity Massage

Enjoy the benefits of massage during pregnancy, massage relieves many of the discomforts experienced during pregnancy . Massage encourages the circulation of blood and lymph, relaxes your nervous system while reducing back aches, stiff necks, edema and many other symptoms of pregnancy.

 60 min $95         75 min $120      

Treatment Specific Massage

More of a focused massage, assisting in getting you back on your feet. Treatment modalities manipulate soft tissue for a specific therapeutic effect benefiting  the healing process, which begins at a cellular level aiding soft tissues in repairing, restoring functional integrity and helping you back on the road to health.

30 min $50        60 min $95         75 min $120       90 min $140

Couples Massage

Relax and unwind while receiving focused massage services together. You are welome to arrive 15 minutes prior to enjoy massage appoitment time to enoy together our complementary private steam room & rain shower. Please book ahead to reserve the private steam room and couples room. 


60 min $185        75 min $240      90 min $280 

S p e c i a l t y   M a s s a g e s  

60 minutes $115     75 minutes   $140      90 minutes $160  

S e l f - H e at i n g  M a r i n e  M u d

This unique seaweed mud gently warms up; champagne bubbles soothe the muscles while detoxifying, re-mineralizing the body and providing deep relaxation.

H e r b a l   A r n i c a   M  a s s a g e

Great for relieving pain associated with muscle aches, sprains, inflammation & arthritic conditions. This massage includes heat packs and warm ginger-lemongrass Thai compresses.

H o t  R o c k M a s s a g e

Warmed Stones are combined with long massaging stokes to melt away stress and to produce a state of relaxation.

O Z  S p o r t s M a s s a g e

For those who enjoy all Montana has to offer. Massage, stretching, Myofascial Release, bamboo rollers, hot pacs, and the use of sports oils known for their anti- inflammatory, soothing properties, pressure depends on soreness of muscles and clients comfort level.

T e a s h i  
- Pronounced teeashi Japanese for hand & foot

75 minutes  $145       90 minutes $165 

Please note only certain therapists perform this service so please book ahead so we can accommodate this service.  

A blend of Eastern Techniques, Barefoot shiatsu, Thai Massage, Acupressure & traditional Shiatsu. The therapist uses their feet and hands to deliver gentle, rhythmic compression and passive stretching. These sessions are tailored to your needs we can deliver deep tissue work without the pain, we can adjust any pressure or techniques to your personal preference. 

We have custom made our Teashi platforms, we use traditional Shiatsu mats that are raised off the ground with adjustable face cradles so that your spine is straight. 

Add on to your Massage Services

Warm Rosemary oil scalp treatment  $10

Refreshing Aromatic  Foot Scrub       $10

For extra hydration foot scrub & paraffin treatment  $15

Nourishing hand treatment & paraffin $15