Green Facility
OZssage is located in a Gold Leed Certified energy efficient building.
  • Water-saving shower heads have been installed.
  • Water- saving duel flushing toilet.
  • Most appliances are unplugged at the end of every day.
  • Energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs are used.  
  • Smart power strips are used for appliances.
  • Innovative Geo Lake Plate Heat exchanges to supply all heating and radiant cooling needs from the Big Sky Water and Sewer holding tanks located directly behind the building. Reduces the energy for heating and cooling by an additional 60%.Low or no V.O.C. interior paints and coatings for healthy indoor air quality
  • Whole building heat recovery ventilation for healthy indoor air quality
  • Ground source heat pumps for heating and cooling, 66% heating and cooling cost savings
  • Over 54% Energy efficiency VS. Conventional buildings

What males the Big Sky Health & Fitness building a United States Green Building Council Leadership in energy and design (Leed) Registered building.

  • ED from Landfill over 80% of construction waste thru recycling
  • Water efficient Landscaping
  • Water use reduction using efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Sustainable site. Building located within walking distance of two bus lines, located near other businesses and services, facilities to encourage alternative transportation
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Indoor ambient light sensors that automatically dim the interior lights during favorable conditions to save 12% on energy costs
  • Natural lighting and daylight viewing for all interior spaces, studies show a connection with the outdoors increases occupants wellness and productivity