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OZ Escapes are designed for that little extra time that we all need. If you would like to create your own or add changes please do – it is your escape – let us know at time of booking so that we may assist you. 

Please book ahead for the OZ Escape packages  


B i g  S k y  C o u n t r y 

Hydration & Remineralization.   

The ultimate in facials for the Big Sky County. Living away from the ocean and dealing with the dryness 

this treatment escape is a must. A back scrub & back massage starts your transformation, settle onto our self - heating marine mud, applied along your spine – warming, bubbling remineralizing & detoxing. 

Foot scrubs & hand masque follow, refreshing, soothing as you settle into your hydrating facial.

90 minutes:    Phytomer Facial    $165              Intraceutical Rejuvenation Infusion Facial $210    

H a r m o n y  S p a  E s c a p e                                                                          

A relaxing, hydrating facial with an Acupressure face massage followed by a full body aromatherapy 

massage, foot scrub and detoxing Red Rock foot paraffin.

2 hours:    Phytomer Facial    $210             Intraceutical Rejuvenation Infusion Facial $255 


M o n t a n a  B l i s s                                                                                           

Classic Swedish friction rub with a body polish to stimulate & relax the body, followed by a back mask 

and integrated Hot Rock massage.   

2 hours     $210



T  r  u e   I n d u l g e n c e                                                                                   

The ultimate. A combination of treats for your feet, hands, face & body. A full body massage to start 

then the treats begin;  a relaxing  foot scrub and  warming red rock foot paraffin - feel the shift as the 

tension leaves your upper body. Now your head - a warm Rosemary oil scalp massage, face paraffin, 

hand scrub & antioxidant renewing paraffin for your hands. 

2 hours     $210 

T h a i   S e r e n i t y                                                                                           

If you can’t quite make it to Thailand this is the next best thing! Three hours of Ayurvedic bliss, this session includes lemongrass & ginger body polish. Refresh your mind & body in our private aromatherapy steam room & rain shower, nourishing your body with our aromatherapy infused milk bath pour. From the rain shower to your massage room where the sounds & smells of Thailand await. Traditional Thai massage is integrated with a Herb Poultice treatment, this session finishes with Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, a warm stream of oil poured over your forehead. Deeply relaxing. 

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